The Complete Guide To Filing Taxes Online For Filipino Real Estate Agents

With the home becoming the focal point of many people’s lives, the Philippines real estate market has been invigorated with high investments coming from the presence of both, domestic and international players, in the market.

The increasing number of interested parties in the real estate sector is the perfect situation to be in if you’re a real estate agent. The more opportunities you’re provided, the higher your earnings potential.

That said, taxation for real estate agents doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how you can file taxes online for Filipino Real Estate Agents:

Step 1.) Identify The Forms You’ll Need To Submit

It’s important that you get this step right. Identifying the forms you need to submit will determine the amount of taxes you pay and whether the BIR will go after you for failing to submit the proper forms.

The forms will differ based on your needs. But with the help of software like Anantaks, we cover all this for you.

Our Anantaks small business package was made specifically for those earning compensation income and income from the practice of profession or business. Income of less than Php 3,000,000 in a year will be covered by Anantaks Non-VAT- registered individual package. On the other hand, those whose income exceed Php 3,000,000 will be covered by Anantaks VAT - a registered individual package.

Running a business with Anantaks is made easier as we provide the Small Business Outsourced Package and VAT-Registered Outsourced packages specifically for businesses with employees that earn less than Php 3,000,0000 and more than Php 3,000,000, respectively.

Regardless of the service you use to file your taxes, make sure to do your research before filling out your forms. The forms you need will differ based on the amount you earn and the presence of employees.

Step 2.) Prepare and Submit Your Tax Files

After you’ve identified the tax files you need, it’s time to prepare them for filing and submission.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the forms you need to deal with and that’s why, with Anantaks, we’ll be providing you with user-friendly and digestible forms through our tax filing subscription plan. Prepare your tax files and submit them with ease through our platform.

Step 3.) Review Files From Previous Years

One way to make sure that you’ve provided the correct forms is to check out your submissions from previous years. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that the forms you submit this year are the same forms you submitted for the past 2, 3, or even 10 years.

You can also take this opportunity to review the growth and operations of your venture. Make sure to draw comparisons from years prior as that’ll help you figure out what operations are working for your business and which ones aren’t.

How can Anantaks Help You?

To help with the entire tax filing process, Anantaks was built to provide its users with an efficient and modernized tax filing process. We provide everything from the automatic computation of tax dues and generation of filled out tax forms you need to instant submission portals. For those who opt to outsource their tax preparation to an accountant, we’ll be connecting you with Anantaks’ tax experts dedicated solely to providing you with an efficient and accurate tax filing process.

Anantaks provides the care and attention to our users that few other organizations take on.

Our subscription plans focus on providing user-friendly forms that clarify the tax filing process. After you fill in your tax details, receive auto-generated tax forms, including dues and returns, with the help of our proprietary background computations and software.