E-Filing and COVID-19

Filing taxes is one of the major things that most of us cower at because of the complexity of tax codes and filling out tons of forms which can result to huge costs if done incorrectly.

Given the situation that our country is facing right now makes the process of filing taxes even more complex due to the availability of options to do so.

These reasons, give rise to online alternatives which are quick, easy and gets processed in a shorter timeframe. Below is a detailed breakdown of the advantages of filing taxes online that can help you decide in considering this course of action:

  • F - aster processing
  • A - ccuracy
  • C - onvenience
  • E - asy access of your tax forms

Faster Processing

Filing taxes online helps you cut the time you spend in transportation, in queues and in filling out several forms required since e-filing has minimal instructions to read and understand allowing easier input of information which can be done at the comfort of our own home.

It also sends the information immediately which means that it eliminates the time consumed in sending, sorting and approving. It also provides option of using credit/debit cards, linking your bank account or through money remittance in making your payment that would shorten the time compared to the manual standard process that we are familiar of.


Providing incomplete or incorrect information in filing taxes may result in huge penalties and other consequences that is why it is crucial to fill out the forms with the needed information. Filing through online channels ensures the accuracy of your tax filing since it provides options on checking and changing details prior to sending it as compared to manually writing the details on forms.


At this time of COVID-19, filing taxes online gives you security and peace of mind since you do not have to go out just to complete the process of filing and paying your taxes. Web-based programs helps you file taxes in practically any place as long as you have internet connection. It also cuts down the time spent in transportation and in queues if the filing is done traditionally.

Easy access of tax forms

Traditionally, tax records are kept to ensure that details are not exposed to the public which results in stacks that continuously growing each year taking up more office space and is very crucial if fortuitous events such as fire or flood happens.

Through online filing, you will be able to keep records of your tax forms securely stored online and will not require space in your drawers of folders. It also allows easy retrieval of information when you need it.