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Avoid penalties, leave tax dues computation and filing to Anantaks.

Anantaks online tax preparation and filing system is designed by tax experts for non-experts, making it one of the most reliable systems that automatically compute your tax dues and generate multiple BIR Forms in one click!

Zero knowledge on taxes? No problem!

Taxes too complicated and intimidating for you? No problem! Our easy-to-use online tax preparation and filing system automatically calculates taxes and generates the BIR Forms the Bureau of Internal Revenues requires from you. It’s so easy you can’t go wrong!

Great pricing!

Anantaks Plans are priced to give you more value for your money! Find plans packed with multiple tax dues computation and auto-generated BIR Forms or get the services of reliable and authentic CPAs at affordable prices.

Anantaks makes running your business a breeze!

Our system is designed to increase automation of repetitive tasks. Our auto-computation of your tax dues provides you real time information that allows you to budget for upcoming taxes to be paid. You are assured of taxes paid correctly and on time you never have to pay penalties again.



The Secret to

your tax compliance

Online tax preparation and filing packages for VAT and non-VAT Individuals. A solution that allows Individual Taxpayers access to auto-computed tax dues, autogenerated BIR forms, and secure online payment.

Plans Starts at Php 688.00/month

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No time to do your taxes? Choose from our affordable Anantaks Tax and Accounting service packages! Plans starts at Php 3,500.00/month for your own Tax and Accounting Accounts Manager!

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Tax Schedules for the month


Monthly Remittance Form for Creditable Income Taxes Withheld

For VAT and Non-VAT individuals, partnerships, or corporations

Monthly Remittance Return

For VAT and Non-VAT individuals, partnerships, or corporations

Monthly Remittance Form for Final Income Taxes Withheld

For VAT and Non-VAT individuals, partnerships, or corporations

Quarterly Income Tax Return for Individual Taxpayer

For VAT and Non-VAT individuals

Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration

For non-VAT individuals, partnerships, or corporations


See how your online tax compliance is made simple by Anantaks. Built by tax-experts for the non-expert.

Affordable | Easy-to-Use | Accurate | Free Onboarding Support | Month-to-Month Contract

I'm ready to be TAX Compliant.

*We will not share your information.

How it works

Anantaks is built by tax-experts for the non-experts! It is so easy to use and follows the requirements of the National Privacy Commission for data security.

Register your business for free
Fill-out the guided forms
Anantaks system will accurately compute your tax dues
Anantaks system will automatically generate multiple BIR Forms you need
Pay your plan and tax dues timely online

Waiver: The accuracy of the tax preparation is dependent on the the taxpayers declared income, expenses, and other information he/she inputted in the system. Kindly provide all accurate details. Anantaks only use computation based on Philippine Tax regulations and rules. Taxpayers using Anantaks agree to hold Anantaks, its company Ananta Solution Corp., its owners, heirs, employees, and 3rd party suppliers, free from any liability that may arise from their use of Anantaks. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Anantaks.


CPA Online


Consult with Anantaks tax-experts and CPAs online via eConsult. a 30-minute session will give you the answers you need for your tax compliance and accurate financial statements.



Start your entrepreneurial journey right with our Business Registration packages.

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