How To File Taxes Online As A Filipino Consultant

The BIR filing process is painstaking and laborious. This holds especially true for Filipino consultants, who often have overwhelming obligations even outside their work. To help clear up any confusion on what you need to do to file your taxes online, keep on reading this article.

What Forms Do I Need?

The forms that you need to submit will vary based on circumstances.

If you’re a mixed-income earner with your own private practice, for example, you’ll simply need to provide your percentage tax form percentage tax forms (2551Q), income tax returns(1701Q), annual registration (0605) and an expanded withholding tax. For VAT earners, you’ll also be required to submit your Monthly VAT Declaration (2550M) and Quarterly VAT Declaration (2550Q).

As your revenue grows and you take on more employees, so will the number of required forms.

The BIR has released dozens of memorandums, checkboxes, and lists that count the varying required forms for submission. That said, the sheer complexity of the task also requires you to set a schedule for filing your income tax return since it may take up an entire day, or even more.

While some consultants will have their taxes handled by the HR department of their firm or company, those who have a private practice will be asked to file their income tax return yourself.

Where Can I File Them?

Now that you’ve filled in the forms, your next job is to file your taxes.

There are two options you could choose when filing taxes: online portals or physical handouts.

When filing taxes physically, your task will be to identify the BIR Tax Forms you need to submit, compute the tax dues, fill in your forms, proceed to the Authorized Agent Bank of the Revenue District where you’re registered, and, finally, present the accomplished BIR records and the required documents.

Once you’ve accomplished the previous steps, you’ll then receive a copy of the validated BIR form - which will serve as proof that you’ve filed your Income Tax Returns.

Moving on, you also have the option to choose to file your taxes online, primarily through the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS) or through Electronic BIR Forms (eBIRForms).

The eFPS allows one to fully file their taxes online by accessing the official eFPS website and enrolling on the eFPS system. You will then be asked to fill out an application form and submit it. The issue here is that you, the taxpayer, will still need to compute your tax dues and manually fill out forms. Anantaks solves this by automatically computing tax dues and fulfils BIR forms - taking away the difficult task of manual filing and tax computation.

The eBIRForms system, on the other hand, is a hybrid option where you’ll be asked to submit your completed forms to the online system before visiting the nearest Authorized Agent Bank of the Revenue District.

No matter the option you choose, take note that the BIR may reject your application if the taxing authorities identify you as a bogus taxpayer or if the information you provide fails to match with the data stored within the BIR.

The Easiest Way To File And Pay Your ITR?

Anantaks has taken it upon itself to compile the required BIR forms needed by consultants, self-employed, or freelancers and create packages specific to an individual’s needs or situation.

Anantaks recently received its eTSPC certification, signifying that the software is compliant with the BIR’s data structure requirement. The certification confirms that tax returns are successfully and securely transmitted, received, validated, and viewed by the BIR through the Anantaks systems.

But what is Anantaks?

Anantaks is an online tax preparation and filing platform dedicated to providing you with an efficient and professional online tax filing process. Through auto-computation of tax dues, auto-generated tax forms and on-call customer service, the platform helps you save time and effort during tax season - reducing internal stress levels and clarifying the already confusing intricacies of taxation.

The software covers everything from filling out forms to the online submission and historical review. With taxation being the meticulous operation that it is, leave it to the a tax-expert designed platform like Anantaks to simplify every aspect of the process without sacrificing accuracy.