Improving Collection with the BIR eTSPC system

The world is going digital and we’re always looking for ways to achieve the same things in a more efficient and convenient way. That said, as of October 2018, electronic filing of tax returns accounted for 17.4 million, or 80% of the total 21.7 million returns filed - showing a significant increase in e-filings over the past couple of years. In this article, we’ll be discussing the eTSPCert system, how it benefits the Philippine tax system and what it means for Anantaks.

What is the eTSPC system?

In 2018, The Bureau of Internal Revenue launched its Electronic Tax Software Provider Certification System. The system is the latest tax program initiated by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) with the aim of formally acknowledging third party Tax Software Providers, or TSPs for short, as a possible alternative for electronic filing and payment of BIR tax forms.

Part of the service provider’s application process is the option to process electronic payments. If approved, the software provider has to select a partner authorized agent bank who will serve as the tax payment processor.

When it first came out, Lanee C. David, Deputy Commissioner, took great pride in the fact that the application process for an eTSPCert was seamless with zero contact required between the applicant and BIR personnel.

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Why? Because a seamless and efficient system for tax filing is exactly what the BIR hopes to bring to the Filipino taxpayer.

Convenience was the main proponent behindnd the introduction of this program. It allowed for faster acknowledgements and processes and those who are part of the eTSPC system provide their users with an efficient taxation experience, removing complications and allowing their users more time to focus on more important tasks.

What does this mean for Anantaks?

Anantaks recently received their eTSPC certification. This is one of the final steps that the organization needed to take before they are able to launch their system into the world.

The eTSPCert ensures that the software being used by the Tax Software Providers are compliant with the BIR’s data structure requirement. It confirms that the systems that Anantaks has in place conforms heavily to the bureau’s file structure and ensures that tax returns are successfully transmitted, received, validated, and viewed by the BIR.

More than anything, it is a testament to Anantaks’ commitment to security with regard to the data and information you provide.

With tax filing and payment software packages being increasingly sought after by corporations and tax professionals, Anantaks looks to fill this gap by introducing subscription-based services for the convenient use of the public.

Not only will we provide convenience but efficient and accurate processes as well. When you’re manually filling up your tax forms, the potential for human error is high but with Anantaks, you eliminate that risk given that you provide accurate information.

No longer will taxpayers worry about the confusing tax forms or manually calculate for their own computations, Anantaks does that for you. Our software will ask you to fill up standard fields with the required details prior to automatically generating the required BIR forms, ready for submission at a push of a button.

The best part about all this? It’s so easy to get started on Anantaks.

From account creation to monitoring your tax submissions, our goal is to bring convenience into your life and we’ve taken great care to ensure that every step of our process is as simple as can be.

Built by CPAs and professionals with decades of experience under their belt, the people behind Anantaks have experienced first-hand the confusion that ordinary people face when tax season rolls around.

If you want a stress-free and easy tax filing experience, you go with Anantaks.