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Anantaks launches online platform

Anantaks, a digital tax preparation and filing solution company, recently launched its online platform for a more comfortable and easier tax-filing experience.

Last May, the Anantaks website went online to help start-ups, self-employed individuals, and even Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TVNS) drivers and operators to prepare and file their taxes in a more time and cost-efficient manner.

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Starting An Online Business in 2022? Here's What You Should Know!

Starting an online business can be difficult but with so much happening over the past few years, it's pretty clear that setting up an online presence for your business is absolutely essential.

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The Step-By-Step Guide To Filing Taxes Online For Filipino Doctors

Filing taxes online can get quite confusing. With tons of paperwork, confusing jargon, and the ever-changing political climate, it would be unfair to ask professionals to comprehend tax laws and any subsequent changes over time.

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Filing Taxes For Filipino Online Sellers

The pandemic cost a lot of people their jobs but Filipinos being resilient, many individuals found different ways to survive, most by engaging in e-commerce and delivery service providers. The government recognized the positive impact that these activities have had on economic recovery and in response, reminded everyone to ensure that their businesses are registered and that they are tax compliant.

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The Complete Guide To Filing Taxes Online For Filipino Freelancers

Filing taxes for Filipino freelancers can be quite confusing. As a freelancer, you have the agency and freedom to offer independent services under self-established terms. This allows for work-hour flexibility, exposure to different work experiences, and the capability to establish your own terms and conditions.

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The Complete Guide To Filing Taxes Online For Filipino Real Estate Agents

With the home becoming the focal point of many people’s lives, the Philippines real estate market has been invigorated with high investments coming from the presence of both, domestic and international players, in the market.

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Starting An Online Consulting Business: 3 Tips For Success

Before you start your online consulting business, you need to have a solid foundation. Many businesses fail because they launch before they’re ready. The key is to focus on the things that matter the most and ignore the rest.

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Filing Taxes For Filipino Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents are commission-based jobs. Unfortunately, that means that your income is largely dependent on the number of clients you manage to rope in. That also means that your tax filings every year come out to different numbers.

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Improving Collection with the BIR eTSPC system

The world is going digital and we’re always looking for ways to achieve the same things in a more efficient and convenient way. That said, as of October 2018, electronic filing of tax returns accounted for 17.4 million, or 80% of the total 21.7 million returns filed - showing a significant increase in e-filings over the past couple of years. In this article, we’ll be discussing the eTSPCert system, how it benefits the Philippine tax system and what it means for Anantaks.

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