Anantaks launches online platform

Anantaks, a digital tax preparation and filing solution company, recently launched an online platform for a more comfortable and easier tax-filing experience.

The Anantaks website went online in May to help start-ups, self-employed individuals and even transportation network vehicle service drivers and operators to prepare and file their taxes in a more time and cost-efficient manner.

Tax filing was a major hurdle among small business owners and individuals, and through the website, Anantaks founder Elmo Nobleza offers to make it easier for the clients.

“The amount of work in filing taxes is tremendous,” he said, while noting how his team of tax experts, accountants, and seasoned information technology professionals can help ease the load for the clients.

“The synergy that these people brought to the website can now be experienced through Anantaks by making it more convenient and more accessible to our clients,” he said.

Having a one-stop shop in tax filing like the Anantaks website is not only cost and time efficient, clients are also guaranteed the same experience that they would get from dependable accounting firms.

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