Anantaks partnered with eConsult to give you access to an online consultation with CPAs and tax experts.

Download eConsult World app for all your online consultation requirements wether its for medical, finance business, or even legal needs

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Avoid penalties, leave tax dues computation and filing to Anantaks.

Anantaks online tax preparation and filing system is designed by tax experts for non-experts, making it one of the most reliable systems that automatically compute your tax dues and generate multiple BIR Forms in one click!

Zero knowledge on taxes? No problem!

Taxes too complicated and intimidating for you? No problem! Our easy-to-use online tax preparation and filing system automatically calculates taxes and generates the BIR Forms the Bureau of Internal Revenues requires from you. It’s so easy you can’t go wrong!

Great pricing!

Anantaks Plans are priced to give you more value for your money! Find plans packed with multiple tax dues computation and auto-generated BIR Forms or get the services of reliable and authentic CPAs at affordable prices.

Sign up for free and have an online consultaion in 4 easy steps:

  1. Download the Econsult World app and register.
  2. Select Finance category and your preferred Certified Public Accountant.
  3. Select a schedule and confirm the appointment.
  4. Consult on your set appointment using the app.

Online consultations with an Anantaks CP start at Php1,500.00/30 minutes.

Download the app now!